a rant for aiden.

firstly a rant about him:
girls usually love it when a guy texts them first, it means they where thinking about you. well, i hate it when you text me first. i have you wrapped around my finger, but you have me wrapped around yours in return, i hate it. you make me so, so mad but as soon as you smile i forget why i was even angry. i can’t seem to stay mad at you, nor can you stay made at me. i hate you, no,  i hate that i can’t hate you.

now a rant for her:
you live in a little world full of your own insecurities, i hope one day that world crumbles under your feet. that is all.

my final rant:
aiden is no backup plan. he’s is kind and funny and at times brutally honest. he deserves nothing but the best and if you can’t see that then you don’t fit tha catagory and you don’t deserve him. he cares for you very much and it is your loss that you don’t embrace it. disgusting aye aiden (;

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jose gonzalez.

dear jose, thankyou for being so beautiful.
your music is simple yet intricate and completely amazing. i listen to it on repeat for hours and hear something different in the music each and everytime i listen. beautiful.

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why why why why why,

you confuse me, irritate me, disgust me, upset me, make me so angry i want to scream. i know no one as immature and selfish as you. there is nothing you can do to make me hate you less. grow up, get a life and stop being so stupid, you’re making no one but yourself look bad, and trust me, everyone see’s it. have a great life, i wish you all the karma in the world.

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you, you are the problem.

hi i’m jessi and i know what it’s like to be screwed over. the end.

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i hate the way you make my heart race like a little school girl.

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and then there was nothing, yet that nothing meant everything.

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I wish i could write a song that wasn’t about you or love, but loving you has led me to feel every emotion, sometimes all at once, how can you not write about that? I wish with all my heart you understood my lyrics. That song, you’ve read from start to finnish, yet if i asked you what i was trying to tell you with those words, you’d have no idea. I wish the songs i write arent always so sad.

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